Company Directors

Financial planning for company directors is about making the business work for you. Most benefits that you take incur a tax charge but it is possible to provide significant benefits that are payable to you personally while letting your company carry the cost and saving some tax too.


We work with you to formulate a plan which will guarantee your income stream in the event of illness and can ensure that a lump sum is paid to your family should you die. Importantly, we can advise on how to be sure that the value of your shareholding in your business is realised for the benefit of your family in an orderly fashion.


Additionally, we can show you how to transfer the wealth that you have built up in your business to your own personal ownership tax efficiently – for you and your company.


As with your business, you need to plan and then review arrangements regularly to be sure they are both fit for purpose and in line with how your business is performing. Our job is to keep your plan on track and to keep you informed of opportunities and any legislative changes that might impact you.


We can advise and guide you on:

  • Company Pension Plans – Letting your company make provision for your retirement using a revenue approved method of providing for retirement by transferring funds from company to personal ownership.
  • Executive Income Protection – Protects your income in the event of prolonged illness by paying you a regular amount while you are unable to work. Fully revenue approved and benefit can be paid right up to your retirement age without being a burden on the company finances.
  • Keyman Protection – Protect the businesses profitability by insuring people within your business who are key by virtue of their knowledge, contacts, skills etc.
  • Shareholder Protection – makes sure you and your business partners have a clear plan should one of you become ill or die so that shareholdings can transfer seamlessly.
  • Investment – Company Investment of accumulated funds can be done in a tax effective manner