Executives & Employees

Sometimes, finding a good employees is easier than keeping them. Retaining good employees is not always about how much they are paid. Sometimes it takes more to keep someone you trust or value within your business. That is where we come in – we can support you in designing a financial plan that you can present to your employees to help them provide security for their families, income for their retirement or a back-up plan if they become ill. What’s more, we will sit down with each of your employees to explain the benefits of what you are doing for them and will be on hand to answer any questions should they ever arise.

We can advise and guide you on:

  • Group Pension Plans – We can put a structure in place that suits your business and your employees so that they can see real value in committing to your business
  • Keyman Protection – Protect the businesses profitability by insuring people within your business who are key by virtue of their knowledge, contacts, skills etc.
  • Group or Individual Income Protection – take the risk out of having an employee ill for a prolonged period by having a plan that pays on your behalf after a set period of time.
  • Group or Individual Life Assurance – Pays a lump sum to your employees family should they die while still in service.