Making adequate provision for life after work is now a fact of life and it is important that planning for retirement is done as early as possible.


Because you may be retired for a very long time, it makes sense to build your fund throughout your working life. We specialise in making sure that your retirement plan is perfectly suited to your current personal and financial situation. This means that the plan we recommend will be suited to your work type (employee, director, self-employed etc.) and we will ensure that the plan is reviewed at least annually. And, lest we forget, proper approved pension plans carry many significant tax benefits that allow you to build that retirement fund so much quicker. We also ensure that your investment strategy is matched with your attitude to risk to minimise nasty surprises during your investment journey.


Finally, if like so many you have accumulated pension rights in the UK from previous employments there, we can advise on the best options for taking those benefits too. Click here for more info.


We can advise you on:

  • Personal Pension Plans
  • Company Paid Pension Plans (or Executive Pension Plans)
  • PRSA’s
  • Buy Out Bonds
  • QROPS – Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes
  • Group Pension Plans
  • Annuities and Approved Retirement Funds

Why not have a read of our handy guide to see how you should be preparing for retirement.