Uk pension transfers into Ireland

If you have previously worked in the UK at some stage of your career, you may have built up a pension fund. Unfortunately, in our experience, this means that many people do not get regular updates on values and how the fund is invested. It also means that you as an individual have no control over the investment strategy employed. Many people that we meet are pleasantly surprised to find that the accrued benefits held in the UK are very valuable.
We have helped numerous clients in transferring their benefits from the UK into Irish structures which will then allow them to avail of Irish pension rules when taking their benefits. The process can be quite complex but we can manage everything to make it simple for you.
The key benefits are;

  • Access to ARF/AMRF options at retirement (not available in UK)
  • Potentially larger tax free lump sum than if benefits are drawn from the UK
  • Better tax treatment of the fund in the event of death where up to 73% tax may apply in the UK
  • More control over the investment strategy – you decide how your pension fund is managed before and after drawing down benefits
  • More transparency when it comes to the costs of running your pension
  • Reduce the risk of potential currency issues in retirement by moving your pension into the currency of the State in which you are going to retire
  • Easier for you to have all pension benefits in one jurisdiction when it comes to retirement.
  • Let our experience and expertise work for you – talk to us about bringing your benefits in from the UK today. We will assess your individual situation to be sure that transferring is the right move for you.

We welcome new clients. To request further information or to arrange to talk to us about your requirements please call us, or click here to complete our online enquiry form.

Experts in UK Pension Transfers into Ireland